I wonder what the hell Johnson  wants with me now. He’s been on my tail ever since I joined the Secret Service, but it’s unusual for him to have set up a private meeting in his office with a newbie like me. Seated at the reception desk was Martha, Johnson’s secretary. She was blue eyed with light brown hair and a figure even a blind man could appreciate. “Hi Martha, I’m here for the two o’clock.”

“It’s on the schedule. He’s waiting for you. Go on in, “ she purred.

“No waiting, that’s really unusual,” Paul muttered to himself, upon entering the spacious spartan office of the second in command of the Secret Service of the United States.

“Sit down Paul.”

Paul thought, ‘he never uses my first name. I wonder I could have done now.’

“I have a job for you. I want you to fall in love,” said Johnson.

“I’ve seen your daughter sir, and she isn’t so bad looking that you need to find a date for her,” retorted Paul.

“No smart ass! Not my daughter! How could you even think I’d want you anywhere near my daughter?” snapped Johnson, taking a deep, calming breath. He passed a photo of a lovely blond haired woman to Paul. “I want you to get her to fall for you. You do know how to romance a woman don’t you?