library policies

and procedures

Library Policies

Alcohol Policy 2018 (updated May 2018)

Board By-laws (updated 2024)

Circulation Policy (updated 12/2022)

Challenges to Material Policy (updated 2024)

Collection Management Policy  (reviewed 1/2024)

Conflict of Interest Policy (adopted 11/2021)

D.E.I. Statement (adopted 2/2024)

Digital Signage Policy (adopted 2/2023)

Disaster Plan  (updated 11/23)

Disposal of Surplus Library Materials (reviewed 2023)

Division of Responsibility Policy (updated 3/20)

Donation & Naming Rights Policy (reviewed 2020)

Ethics Ordinance (reviewed 10/2020)

Freedom of Information Act (updated 2023)

Gifts and Donation Policy (reviewed 2023)

Intergovernmental Agreement with Village (adopted 2023)

Inter-Library Relationships Policy (reviewed 2021)

Investment of Public Funds (updated July 2019)

Library Books Sales and Sales Tax Liability (updated 2014)

Naming Rights Policy (approved May 2018)

Pest Policy(adopted Sept. 2023)

Prevailing Wage Ordinance and Certificate (adopted June 2018)

Programming Policy (updated 4/14/2023)

Public Participation at Board of Trustee Meetings  (reviewed 2023)

Reference Policy (reviewed 2024)

Resolution with Rochester Schools (adopted 2023)

Request for Reconsideration of Library Material (updated 2022)

Rochester Public Library Keys and Building Access Policy (updated Feb 2024)

Routine Banking Policy (updated July 2019)

Security Camera Policy (adopted 2017)

Severe Weather and Emergency Closing Policy  (updated 2020)

Whistleblower Protection Policy (adopted 2023)