Notary Public

Notary Public Services

Located at Rochester Public Library in Rochester, Illinois.

A notary is available during most weekday hours and some evenings, free of charge.

Notary services can be scheduled in advance to guarantee a notary will be available. Walk-ins for evenings will be accepted pending the availability of our notaries. Please see the notary guidelines or contact the library for more information.

Notarization Defined

Notarization is the act of “witnessing” by the notary public for the purpose of attesting to the individual’s identity and authenticity of the signatures by a disinterested party. For this reason, documents cannot be signed ahead of time. They may be filled out, but any signatures must be made in the presence of the notary, or they cannot be validated.

Notary Guidelines

Before coming to the library for a notarization, please:

  • Call or email to ensure a notary is available.
  • Bring a current government-issued photo ID that includes a signature for all document signers, including witnesses.
  • Complete all documents EXCEPT the signatures and date fields. Again, documents MUST be signed in the presence of a notary. Documents signed ahead of time and not in the presence of the notary WILL NOT be notarized. This is state & federal law.
  • Bring disinterested witnesses, who have no stake in the outcome of the document if necessary.

Notary Guidelines

Schedule is as follows and is subject to change without notice. 

Monday – Wednesday : 10am – 7pm
Thursday : 10am – 5pm
Friday : 10am – 3pm

For more information call the library at 217-498-8454 or fill out the form below.

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