The concept of a New Year’s resolution is silly. The idea that life changing decisions and plans should be made simply because the page changes on a calendar makes absolutely no sense. If you throw the presence of alcoholic beverages into the decision-making, this only makes the process more absurd. With this in mind, I never believed in making New Year resolutions.

Each year at work my fellow workers discussed their resolutions and chastised me for not taking them seriously. They also found it unbelievable that I did not make a resolution. My response was why waste time planning to do something that usually didn’t last as long as the headache from the hangover resulting from the alcohol used in the planning process.

The concept of the resolution is woven into the framework of a holiday. I feel that holidays may actually be the work of the devil. On a holiday, we are encouraged to do nothing because it is a holiday. Holidays bring out the worst in all of us. On Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas we are encouraged to over indulge binging on calories. Easter along with Halloween kids are given gross amounts of candy, filling their bodies with sugar, something widely recognized as being bad for them. St. Patrick’s Day and New Years celebrate the over indulging in alcoholic beverages. In addition holidays, Christmas, Chanukah, and Kwanzaa all bring out the greedy nature of humans with the “what’s in it for me” attitude that goes with the receiving of gifts.