The story of Snow White can’t be told unless it includes the witchery that was going on in those days and there was a lot of it. It seems that anyone who wanted to keep up with the neighbors felt they had to dabble and have a reputation or they would get pushed around by those who said they had powers. These were mostly women; some men claimed to have witches powers but no one believed them and if people don’t believe the magic is no good.

Some people think we dwarves have special powers like the witches. We work underground in tunnels and mines. We know the ways of earth and rock and how to dig and not to dig so as not to bring everything down on our heads. We are wise but we are not witches.

There are seven of us in our group, each with special talents. Don, the team leader is the wisest so he chooses where we dig. Sid is our canary in the mine except instead of dying like a canary would he gets sleepy when a dangerous gas is present so we can get our before it kills us. If there is a poisonous fungus around a pool in the tunnel Shorty starts sneezing so we know to stay away from it. Hal is the cut up, always cheerful and keeps our spirits up. We hardly know Bill is around; always quiet but he can out work us all. Mort never says a word but he listens and can read a shaft so he can let us know if there is a danger of cave-ins or rock slides. I’m called Dismal because I am the realistic one and see things as they are instead of the way we would like them to be.