Sometimes, when a big part of your life ends in a disaster and before you can say, “O, woe is me,” something else comes along and starts you in an entirely different direction.  Sort of like the saying about a door hitting you in the backside as it closes while a ray of sunshine comes in the window.  That recently happened to me, Jonathan D. Grant III.

I stared working part time at the Bytes and Pixels electronic store when I was in my first year in college.  My parents agreed they would pay for four years at Wordsworth College, a private school in Northern Indiana, but I would have to work part time to get acquainted with the business world.

My father and grandfather, mechanical engineers, owned a profitable machine company.  When grandfather died, my father sold the company to a larger company for a goodly amount.  Now Mom and Pop survive very well on their investments.  They live in their homes here and there doing this and that and leave me, my brother and sister pretty much to ourselves.