My name is Georgia. I am a Godmother. Many people think that Fairy Godmother is a hyphenated word where one cannot be said without the other. We at Godmothers Rule Everything All the Time (G.R.E.A.T.) have become rather resigned to this mindset. It is not even slightly true, but to many of the Godchildren of the world, much of what we accomplish seems like magic.

I am a Godmother because when I was a small child a horse threw me to the ground, causing internal injuries. The extent of my injuries were unknown until I was married and trying to conceive a child of my own. At that time, my physician informed me that scar tissue had formed in such a way that I could never become pregnant. My formerly darling, loving spouse decided he would seek a more robust woman and we divorced.

Many of my friends, knowing of my sorrow, requested me to stand as Godmother to their children. Although my means are limited, I am very good at finding bargains and always seeming to know exactly what will make a child smile the widest.