How to Play Cabin Fever Book Bingo:

  1. Register! Click here to sign-up with Active!
  2. Download the Book Bingo card by clicking the image (or, click here).
  3. Read 5 books from the corresponding categories in a single line on the bingo card (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) to win a bingo.
  4. Mark each bingo square as you complete the category. Record each book’s title and author on the back of the bingo card.
  5. You can earn multiple bingos! Each additional bingo line completed earns you an additional bingo chip (max = 5).
  6. When you turn in your bingo card, you’ll be given bingo chips (1 bingo = 1 bingo chip, 3 bingos = 3 bingo chips, etc.). Use these to enter to win any of the four grand prizes!
  7. Complete the board by reading 25 books, filling each of the categories! This will earn you 5 bingo chips!

Bingo and Prize Entry Rules:

  1. Cabin Fever Book Bingo runs from December 1, 2021 to February 14, 2022.
  2. All ages are welcome to play Book Bingo, but only 18+ patrons are eligible for prizes.
  3. Bingo cards (with at least 1 bingo line completed) must be turned in to the library by February 14, 2022 at 8:00 p.m.
    1. Virtual alternative: Send a photo of your bingo card to
  4. Prize entry: When you turn in your bingo card, you’ll receive your bingo chips. Enter any of the four grand prize drawings by placing your chips in the corresponding entry boxes. You can use all your chips on one prize, or split them up!
  5. You must provide your name and phone number on the bingo chips so we can contact you if you win the prize!