Crafting For a Cause

Drop off donations at the library

‘My Recovery Buddy’ was founded as a way to help people through the rough patches they are going through – whether it’s battling addictions, disorders, trauma, or medical or mental illness. These hand crafted, huggable, lovable buddies are sent to their new forever friends to remind them that they don’t have to be alone in their recovery. Buddies are shipped to the non-profit that distributes them across the country.

Mr. Jingles knitted cat toys are donated to the Forever Home Feline Ranch here in Rochester.

A hospital experience can be terrifying and traumatic for both a child and their family. While others strive to find a cure, Ryan’s Case for Smiles helps with the stress and emotional impact of illness in the here and now. Our whimsical pillowcases give children an emotional boost, while resources and tools help families better understand and cope with the experience.

The Octo Project started in Denmark in 2013. Octopi are crafted for premature babies. The tentacles of the octopus resemble the umbilical cord and remind babies of their time in the womb. Completed octopi will be donated to the NICU at Memorial Hospital in Springfield, IL.

Project Linus provides new handmade blankets to children in need. They are lovingly made by adults and children from all walks of life and many different sources. Blankets are picked up by a member of the local Project Linus Chapter.

Dresses, pants, and sanitary pads are crafted and distributed throughout orphanages, villages, and schools in Africa. 

During distributions, simple lessons are taught on nutrition, clean water, and sanitation.

At the Rochester Public Library we strive to provide a variety of programs to meet the needs and interests of our patrons. Click HERE to see our Summer 2023 newsletter. Please contact the Library if you have any questions.

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